About us

Alta and baby goat in Mongolia



For a kinder and softer world by creating and consuming responsibly.   

Mission Statement 

To create clean and comfortable products our customers can cherish for a lifetime, with the knowledge they were made with respect for both the Earth’s natural resources and all of the human hands and animals involved in making them. 



Integrity - Honesty and transparency with all stakeholders is at the foundation of how we do business. 

Learn and Grow  As business cycles change, we are open to new ideas and are willing to adapt and to grow, without compromising our core values. 

Community  Our creative process is highly collaborative and fosters a sense of community across geographical, cultural, and linguistic barriers. 

Sustainability  We create recyclable products and plan for the renew-ability of all resources used to create them with an awareness of the holistic nature of life and business cycles. 

I hope you can join us, 

Alta Batmunkh

Founder and CEO of Altalun