Made in USA

We can proudly say that our goods are indeed manufactured by people who live in your community, contribute to our local economic ecosystem and get inspired by our shared lives.

Some direct costs are decreased as a result of domestic production via less time, cost at customs, less lead time, more design, product development efficiency.

However, more in taxes, labor costs specially in California wages, rent and regulatory expenses are incurred.

Thankfully, non-financial benefits are longer lasting and has ripple effects that benefit the community in the long term:

  • Buying locally creates local jobs
  • Supports safe and fair working conditions
  • Creates a stronger economy – Local manufacturing creates domino effects throughout the economy: the most suppliers and contractors are sourced locally, more taxes and fees paid and our employees spend locally breathing into additional businesses in the neighborhood.
  • Higher quality and much safer products due to level of scrutiny imposed at all levels
  • Direct feedback is possible without going through middle men
  • Overproduction and overstocking is minimal
  • Product development efficiency and design feedback is

Therefore, please support our local makers!